How RVLock's Simple Giveaway Generates Nearly 10,000 Entries and Amplifies Brand Reach

December 8, 2023

RVLock: the cutting-edge locking solution curated exclusively for modern-day RVers. The focus of this campaign was clear – to boost brand awareness. Despite a low budget and more focus on Amazon Prime Day, RVLock achieved success.

In contrast to traditional sweepstakes that usually involve several marketing promotions, RVLock strategically streamlined their approach with just two simple posts, tailored to resonate with their target audience.

Nick from RVLock, candidly acknowledged, "The purpose of this is to give content to our customers. They're already following us and we don't make a ton of products so let's give them a reason to keep following us and to keep interacting with the brand realistically. So it's more of a value add with a long term game."

The campaign offered an irresistible grand prize for their audience– a Starlink with a 6-month paid subscription – effectively leaving a lasting brand impression. The results were staggering: 9,359 total entries poured in, a clear demonstration of strategic planning and authentic engagement.

Customer Background

RVLock is made by passionate RVers, for RVers – it's not just your typical business; it's a close-knit, family-run company nestled in the beautiful state of Utah. The whole journey began when founder Cade Harris experienced a life-changing moment – someone broke into his trailer and took away everything he held dear. Fueled by this personal ordeal, Cade set out on a mission to develop the world's very first keyless security handle, and RVLock was born.


Is it possible for RVLock to achieve outstanding results from this type of giveaway even if they do not invest a lot of time or money?

What was measured?

RVLock conducted an evaluation of Audience's sweepstakes tool to determine its potential in enhancing their brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Why was this measurement chosen?

The chosen measurements were selected to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of RVLock “On The Road Giveaway” Sweepstakes Campaign of enhancing:

Brand Awareness: The level of recognition and familiarity RVLock has among its target audience and the general public.

Brand Loyalty: The strong repeat customers sharing the RVLock Giveaway with their friends/family to earn 3 extra entries.


1. RVLock determined that their new user data collection focus would be on email address, phone number, and full name.

2. RVLock developed a strategic approach to increase their brand awareness through an incentive of earning 3 entries for each friend who enters the giveaway. This thought out tactic is a perfect way to create brand awareness as their audience, who are brand loyalists, begin to share RVLock’s campaign with friends and family.

RVLock had over 6,000 new users through this promotion in less than two weeks.
What did RVLock have to say about it?
“This campaign did well for us as the whole point of this was brand awareness. We got great traction on YouTube, and a lot of good sharing across all platforms. Especially the fact that last time we got around 39,000 entries giving away a $20,000 trailer and this time we just gave away$2,000 worth of giveaways. And we did close to 10,000 entries.” - Nick M.

Outcomes and Results

The outcome of this giveaway was incredible, given that there was minimal effort put into this campaign. RVLock achieved substantial growth in their data, with a significant increase in their brand awareness.

  • Total entries: 9,359
  • Unique entries (new users): 7,393
  • Twitter Shares: 262
  • Like RVLock on Facebook: 2,163
  • Follow RVLock on Instagram: 1,955
  • Subscribe to RVLock on YouTube: 1,183
  • Follow RVLock on TikTok: 959

RVLock's Simplified Giveaway: Fostering Engagement with More Than 9,000 Entries and Boosting Brand Reach

RVLock, the leading locking solution for RVers, sought to increase brand awareness with their "On The Road Giveaway" campaign. Despite a low budget and time spent on the project, RVLock found success through their streamlined approach. By offering a grand prize of a starlink with a 6-month paid subscription, RVLock generated nearly 10,000 entries and amplified their brand reach.

The team's strategy and focus on creating a unique incentive for their target audience resonated and was reflected in the staggering results. With 9,359 total entries, 7,393 unique entries, and over 6,000 new users in two weeks, RVLock achieved their goal of raising brand awareness and loyalty. The success of this simplified approach highlights the power of authentic engagement and smart brand planning in achieving remarkable outcomes.


RVLock used Audience’s Sweepstakes tool to accomplish their goals. Connect with us today to learn how Audience’s platform can help you grow, enrich, and activate your first-party data.

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December 8, 2023