Turn Insights Into Action

Use audience profiles housed within Userbase to segment, analyze, and engage your audience in ways that significantly boost advertising revenue. By transforming raw data into actionable strategies, you'll not only captivate your advertisers but also drive results.

Profile Building & Management

Enrich Your Profiles with Every Campaign

House everything there is to know about your customers like interests, demographics, engagement behavior, and more - all consolidated under one profile.


Attract Advertisers With Targeted Audiences

Leverage our segmentation tool to provide highly targeted audiences that are ideal for your advertiser. Use segmentation and tagging to create persuasive, data-backed insights that accelerate your deal-closing process.

Data Activation

Tools To Activate Your Data

Sure, you want more data, but what are you going to do with it? Our tools don’t just stop at promotions; they extend to all areas of your database, including segmentation, QR codes, popups, integrations, advanced reporting, syndication, and more.

Build an audience you own

Scale revenue with all your customer data in one place