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How is Audience better than other giveaway or survey tools?

Audience is much more than just a giveaway or survey tool. Our platform powers the full end-to-end experience of building, sharing, and tracking all of your data-collecting campaigns so your data is all in one place. Brands usually use 5-15 different marketing tools to run campaigns, which means your data ends up siloed and unusable. With everything in one tool, your data is easier than ever to activate.

What types of campaigns can be run to collect zero and first-party data?

The sky is the limit. Any type of experience including contest, giveaway, form, survey, or quiz can be created using audience. Use any of our field options, in any order to create the ideal experience you want your customers to have. And the best part is you have full design flexibility with colors, formats, images, and video to bring your brand personality to life.

How do I use Audience to grow my database?

Audience allows you to own the end-to-end process of collecting data by powering the campaign builder, sharing, and display tools for all your data collecting interactions. You can segment your data and push to your marketing tools through any of our integrations. Growing your database is an ongoing initiative that takes a series of campaigns and interactions, over time to accomplish.

What are some strategies for building your zero-party database?

Growing your zero-party data is an objective, not a single campaign. It often involves an ongoing strategy of figuring out opportunities to exchange value with your customer for information about them. We have helped brands like iHeart Radio, Fox, NBC, and Qualcomm create full funnel strategies to create viral campaigns for audience engagement and data collection. To get a free data collection strategy consult, talk to one of our strategists. You can also learn more data collection strategies and tactics on our blog.

What apps do you integrate with?

You can find a full list of our integrations here.

What services do you offer?

In addition to our Audience tool, we offer services too! If you need of extra help in getting started with data collection our team of expert data collectors can help with strategy, design, implementation, distribution, data consolidation, segmentation, and activating your data. Ask one of our reps about utilizing our team of experts.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes we work with any company looking for zero-party data tools.

How does your pricing work?

Your brand is unique and your pricing/package should be too. We can provide a custom proposal based on the size of your brand, needs, and audience size. Most of our customers let us know they save money by consolidating their marketing tech stack into our Audience platform.

How many admins or seats can I have?

You can have an unlimited number of seats.

What are your support hours?

Our support team is available Monday - Friday from 6am to 8pm EST. If any additional help is needed outside of this timeframe, you can also access our help articles or email us at

Can Audience be white-labeled?

Yes, it can be.

Can I have multiple brands under one account?

Yes. To keep data clean, each brand will have it’s own “account” but campaigns can be shared between those two accounts.

Can I publish campaigns to my mobile app?

All Audience campaigns can be shared with a link, QR code, or embedded.

How many campaigns can I run at once?

As many as your heart desires.