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Audience has your full suite of promotions and database tools to grow your owned audiences, attract more advertiser, and scale your digital revenue.

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Promotions, But Better

This is not your out-of-the-box promotions platform. Whether it is a contest, giveaway, survey, poll, or all of the above, you have full flexibility to create unique, higher-value experiences to help you grow your database and attract top advertisers.

Capture Zero-Party Data

Audience is your all-in-one tool to help you grow, engage, and activate your owned database. We give you all the tools you need to increase digital revenue.

Tools To Activate Your Data

Sure, you want more data, but what are you going to do with it? Our tools don’t just stop at promotions; they extend to all areas of your database, including segmentation, QR codes, popups, integrations, advanced reporting, syndication, and more.

Superior Support

We have hundreds of raving reviews to prove it! We offer 14 hour/day support hours and a friendly team of experts to help train your team, answer questions, and alleviate roadblocks.

How does Audience Stack Up?

Experience Builder

Build experiences with our experience builder, select a winner, gather feedback, or do both!


Gather audience preferences or feedback through a survey or poll.


Use the contesting tool to prompt audience participation, collect user data, and gain followers.


Test your audience's knowledge with a graded quiz, or link results to participants using an outcome quiz.


Display user-generated content and media, and utilize voting to increase engagement and interest.

Keyword Contests

This engagement tool motivates listeners to listen and submit keywords throughout the day for a shot at winning a prize.

Best Of

Our "Best Of" tool makes it easy for the community to vote for their favorites, and it's also user-friendly for those who manage it.

Leads Portal

Provide advertisers with real time, downloadable leads.

Templates Library

Find inspiration in our extensive collection of over 650 ready-to-use templates.

Campaign Tagging

Tag users upon entering a campaign for effective filtering.

Promotion Syndication

Effortlessly create and run organizational promotions using organized data flow and campaign analytics.

CDP and Data Storage

Securely store audience data.

Over 600 Custom Integrations

Use our integrations to optimize your data and streamline your workflow, freeing up your focus for what matters most.


Filter and segment users based on campaigns entered or user profile data as needed.

Enhanced API

Access to our API for advanced custom features.

Advanced User Permissions

Customize team members roles and access as desired.

Customizable Promo Grid

House all of your active Campaigns on a single, embeddable widget. (Prono Grid)

Landing Page Embeds

Embed our campaigns into your webpage for increased page views and seamless alignment with your site's content.


Experience the campaign in a popup. Customize triggers, scheduling, and behaviors. (Coming soon)

Link Branding

Ability to brand your links through URL customization.

Link Routing

Track your links and make them dynamic with scheduling, percentage based redirects, and A/B testing.

QR Codes

Personalize QR codes with options for colors, backgrounds, shapes, and logos. Enhance links with dynamic capabilities, including link scheduling and A/B testing.

National Campaign Program

Easily participate in high-value promotion run on a national level.

Email Marketing

Send email campaigns, initiate an auto responser, set up automated workflows, and more!


Get inspired with over 650 plug-and-play templates.

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Leverage our integrations to simplify your workflow and prioritize your core objectives.

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National Campaigns

Use our preorganized campaigns with valuable prizes to sell more sponsorships and save time.

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How is Audience better than other tools?

Audience is much more than just a promotional tool. Our platform extends to all areas of your database, powering the full end-to-end experience of building, sharing, and tracking all your data-collecting promotions. These tools include advanced segmentation, QR codes, pop-ups, third-party integrations, powerful reporting, syndication, and more.

New features and updates are regularly released to ensure our customers have the most advanced tools at their fingertips.

Do you have integrations with third party tools?

You can find a full list of our integrations here.

How long does onboarding take?

The time it takes for onboarding depends on the account size. Normally, it's 30 days, but it could be up to 60 days if there are data merging or extra training needs. However, if there are urgent promotions, we can speed up the process.

Can you train our sales team?

Yes, we're always ready to provide training for sales teams upon request. Additionally, we include sales team training as part of the initial onboarding process and quarterly sales webinars to help support your team.

How are your contracts structured?

We offer cash or barter, discounts for multi-year terms, group discounts/enterprise deals, price matching, etc.

Do you provide training and educational resources?

Yes, we provide educational resources such as our help site, blog, examples studio, plug and play templates, quarterly webinars, etc. to help you use our platform effectively. Also, our support team is here for you from Monday to Friday, between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM EST, and you can reach out to us through chat or by phone.

Do you have an email marketing platform?

Yes. With our Audience email platform, you can send campaigns, initiate an auto-response, set up automated workflows, and more! Talk with our team to learn more!

What if I am already locked in a contract?

We are willing to buy out your existing contract or offer a delayed billing start date to allow you to switch to our platform right away!


Don’t Take Our Word For It

“From small to big support issues, Audience has the best and quickest support.”

Whitney Zarder

NCFM Group, Saga Media

“We ran a survey to understand our audience. We expected around 10,000 entries but ended up with over 34,000. The tool’s advanced logic and user-friendly experience made it easy for us to accomplish this.”

Andrew Snook

Director of Digital, Pattison Media

"Audience's tools are invaluable. They drive engagement, collect data effortlessly, and foster a strong viewer community, delivering powerful insights.”

Jim Thomas


"Audience is a game-changer! With its user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and robust data collection, it has become an indispensable tool for us and our partners.”

Beth Stibal

Director of Marketing, Hubbard Radio West Palm Beach

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