Transform Viewers Into Doers with QR Codes for Media

Increase conversions, collect valuable zero-party data, and understand your customers better with Audience Scan.

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Consolidated Tools

All Your Tools In One

Consolidate your tech stack and save money with all your campaigns, promotions, QR Codes, links, and database, all in one place.

White Glove Support

Bring Your Advertiser’s Brand to Life

Make your call-to-actions pop and generate more engagement with our fully customizable QR codes builder. Edit backgrounds, colors, shapes, image uploads, and more.


Optimize With Insights

Access real-time data to enhance your campaign performance. Utilize metrics like location, device, time of day, and more to take your campaigns to the next level.

White Glove Support

One QR Code, Different Destinations

Never use a new QR code again. With our dynamic QR codes, you can change, schedule, and test link destinations at any time while keeping the same QR code, indefinitely.

Custom Campaign Builder

Easy-To-Use Template Overlays

Use our collection of plug-and-play broadcast templates to implement QR codes fast.

Dynamic QR Codes

Change link destination at any time.

A/B Testing

Test multiple destinations through percentage based link routing.

White Glove Support

We provide support for setup, reporting, and creative.

Privacy and Compliance

Breath easy with our GDPR + CCPA compliment tools.

Reporting & Insights

Use Cases

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Live Events

Concert Contests

Live Remotes

Build an audience you own

Grow and engage your audience and scale revenue with first-party data

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