How Inergy Collected Over 4,000 NEW Email Addresses in One Month

December 8, 2023

Inergy recognized that they had only done one previous trial campaign before using the Audience platform and decided to make this first official campaign focus on gathering emails for their database. Their method to grow and engage their audience was through a brand collaboration with By tapping into a new audience and a similar brand’s audience, as well as popups, they were able to gather 4,534 email addresses.

The campaign offered two prizes – duffle bag and a Kodiak LT Power Station– effectively incentivizing prizes for their target audience. The results were staggering: 9,359 total entries poured in, a clear demonstration of strategic planning and authentic engagement.


Inergy products are all about meeting your daily energy needs using solar power. They offer a range of portable energy products for homeowners aiming for more efficient energy use.

On the other hand, OffGrid's focus is on cybersecurity in today's world. They've developed a bag that blocks signals like cellular and Bluetooth for enhanced privacy.

With their similar customer bases, a brand collaboration between these two companies was a natural step forward.

Inergy’s Objective

Inergy’s main objective was customer growth. They wanted a way to expand email subscribers and social audiences.


The chosen measurements were selected to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of Inergy “ Duffle Bag & Kodiak LT Giveaway” Sweepstakes Campaign of enhancing:

Email Database: One of the strategies Inergy decided for the first campaign is to grow their audience.

Social Growth: Inergy decided to increase their Instagram following by having participants earn +5 entries in the giveaway if they follow.


1. Inergy determined that their new user data collection focus would be on email address, phone number, and full name.

2. Inergy increases their social growth through an incentive of earning 5 entries if a participant follows Inergy’s Instagram and’s Instagram.

Inergy had 2,247 Instagram follows and had 1,887 Instagram follows.

3. Inergy also increases their newsletter growth through an incentive of earning 15 entries if a participant subscribes.

Inergy had over 4,000 subscribers to their newsletter and’s newsletter.

4. Inergy knew that if they collected email addresses and other contact information that would help build their audience. However, they wanted to learn a bit more about each participant to effectively utilize personalization in the future for promotions or email campaigns. They decided to ask the question, “How would you use the Kodiak LT Power Station?”. 

Inergy had 3,621 responses. Look at all that data to tap into.

Outcomes and Results

The outcome of this giveaway was amazing, especially for it being one of their first campaigns focusing on growing their audience. Inergy achieved substantial growth in their data, while creating a great partnership with

  • Total entries: 4,537
  • Unique entries (new users): 4,537
  • Email addresses: 4,534
  • Follow Inergy on Instagram: 2,247
  • Follow on Instagram: 1,887
  • Subscribe to Inergy/ newsletters: 4,240
  • Responses on ‘how would you use the Kodiak LT power station?’: 3,621

Empowering Strategic Campaign Incentivization: Inergy’s Successful Brand Collaboration

Inergy's strategic process came to the forefront when they teamed up with to orchestrate a remarkable brand collaboration. With a determined focus on email collection for future campaigns, Inergy harnessed the power of collaboration to drive engagement and expand their audience. The outcome? 4,534 email addresses were collected.

Crafting an engaging campaign was key to Inergy's triumph. Through enticing rewards – an duffle bag and the popular Kodiak LT Power Station – Inergy brilliantly enticed participation, resulting in an impressive 4,537 total entries. The campaign's strategic design, with authentic engagement, proved that when brands strategically collaborate, the results can be exceptional.

In every step of the journey, Inergy displayed its commitment to growth. By strategically offering entry incentives tied to following Inergy and on Instagram, they not only elevated their social media following but also elevated brand visibility among their loyalists. The inclusion of an insightful question, "How would you use the Kodiak LT Power Station?", garnered 3,621 responses, laying the foundation for personalized future campaigns. With 4,537 unique entries, 2,247 new Instagram followers, and roping in 4,240 new newsletter subscribers, Inergy's first stab at broadening their audience through this partnership shows just how game-changing collaborations can be.


Inergy used Audience’s Sweepstakes tool to accomplish their goals.  Connect with us today to learn how Audience’s platform can help you grow, enrich, and activate your first-party data.

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December 8, 2023