What is "Best Of"?

January 8, 2024

In a world with lots of choices and options, finding the best of the best can often be an overwhelming task. But what if there was a tool where the community could come together to nominate and celebrate the most outstanding local businesses in various categories? Welcome to our "Best of" awards, where the audience nominates and votes for their favorites, ultimately recognizing the cream of the crop in your local community.

The Power of Community Recognition

The heart of our "Best Of" awards lies in the power of community recognition. We believe that the people who truly know the pulse of your community are the residents themselves. That's why we are now offering a tool where they can nominate and vote for the businesses that have made a significant impact on their lives.

Local Heroes

What truly sets our "Best Of" awards apart is that all the businesses competing for the top spot are local heroes. These are the entrepreneurs, service providers, and culinary wizards who have chosen to invest their time, passion, and energy in your community. By recognizing their excellence, you’re not just celebrating their hard work but also supporting the growth and prosperity of your local economy.

The Nomination Process

The process is simple. During the nomination period, your audience nominates their favorite local businesses in various categories. There is no limit to how many categories you’d like to include. The more the merrier! To nominate, the participant will add the business/person and some basic info about them to the form. Then they’ll select all of the categories they want to nominate this business/person for! Is your favorite pizza place also the best lunch spot? Great! Nominate them for both categories at one time!

The Voting Phase

Once the nomination period concludes, the voting phase begins. You can decide how many businesses you want to move forward onto the ballot. (Ex. Top 5 nominees move on to voting or allow everyone!) Once voting goes live, your audience can cast their votes for who they think is the best in each category! This is a great exposure opportunity for the local companies which in turn provides a huge sales opportunity for you! There is always a lot of excitement during voting as each business sets out on a quest to prove why they are truly the best!

The Winners

When the votes are counted and the winners are announced, it's a moment of celebration for both the businesses and the community. Being named the "Best Of" in a particular category is a recognition of excellence that they can proudly display. It's also a signal to others in the community that these are the businesses they can trust and rely on.

Why You Should Utilize "Best Of”

Media companies should embrace the "Best Of" concept as it's a proven strategy to create new business opportunities. Running a "Best Of" campaign not only generates valuable leads but also opens the door to numerous sponsorship prospects throughout the entire process. Building strong relationships with businesses during the campaign can lead to future collaborations and partnerships, which can create long-term growth and success. By doing "Best Of" campaigns the market looks to media companies as a trusted source for information and recommendations leading to more engagement. It also creates a better bond within the community.

"Best Of" campaigns serve as a powerful tool for media and news groups to expand their business while strengthening their ties within the industry.

Your Guide to The Best Businesses in Town

"Best Of" serves as a valuable tool for the community, allowing residents to acknowledge and celebrate exceptional local businesses. It embodies the collective recognition of individuals who nominate and vote for businesses that have positively impacted their lives. Covering a wide range of categories, these awards pay tribute to the local heroes who have invested their passion and dedication in the community. 

Through this process, the community not only honors their excellence but also contributes to the growth of the local economy. As the winners are unveiled, the community continues to lend support to these outstanding businesses, strengthening the local landscape.

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January 8, 2024