Unwrap the Engagement: Pit Viper’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

December 8, 2023

'Tis the season of giving, and Pit Viper made sure it's an unforgettable one with their  12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Campaign, while we didn't host this giveaway, this brand truly comprehends the impact of strategic giveaways. Known for their fun and loud branding, Pit Viper had curated an exclusive holiday experience with 12 days, 12 chances to win, and incredible prizes. 

Here are a few things to point out about this campaign. Let’s dive in! 

Landing Page Form To Enter:

Participating in Pit Viper's giveaway was easy and simple. Users will head over to their landing page, where the giveaway spanned 12 days, with each day revealing a new and exciting prize up for grabs. For a chance to win, users must fill out the entry form provided on the landing page.

Daily Entries:

Here's their catch – to maximize a user's chance of winning, they needed to enter every single day for the specific prizes that catch their eye. Whether it's a luxurious limousine, a $20,000 Gift Card, or an unforgettable ski vacation, Pit Viper offered something for everyone. 

Daily Engagement:

As the clock strikes midnight, the entry window closes, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the holiday festivities. The very next morning, Pit Viper jumped to Instagram and updated their landing page to announce the lucky winners. They create a perfect level of suspense for their customer engagement, drives customers to their social platform, and increases website traffic.

Big Prizes:

Pit Viper has truly outdone themselves with a range of prizes that cater to every wishlist. From a limousine to a $20,000 Gift Card, or even hitting the slopes on an unforgettable ski vacation – the possibilities are diverse and motivating enough to get people excited.

Email Follow Up Strategy:

After entering Pit Viper's exciting giveaway, participants received a follow-up email that not only engages them with fun content but also provides valuable information about the possibilities of being a winner. Inside of the email, you'll find funny reminders to keep your eyes glued to the updates, eagerly awaiting the announcement of winners. The email also encourages you to maintain the momentum by entering each day, ensuring you maximize your chances of winning prizes. 

60 Second Sale

Following their 12-day Christmas giveaway campaign, they swiftly rolled out the "60 Second Sale." In a strategic move, they acquired thousands of email addresses and phone numbers during the giveaway, and then, without hesitation, presented a substantial value proposition to all these new leads. It was a powerful and effective strategy to capitalize on the momentum generated from the giveaway campaign.

12 Days of Engagement

Pit Viper's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is a huge campaign structured to create tons of opportunities to engage and attract new customers with daily chances to win incredible prizes. This multichannel campaign is designed to do a few things for Pit Viper - new leads, new email addresses, increase website traffic, more social engagement and followers, increase email engagement, and likely a boost in revenue. This is just one example of how giveaways are great for creating hype and spreading brand awareness.

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December 8, 2023