Unlocking Online Engagement and Social Media Growth: Country Crock's Success Story with Plant-Based Product Marketing Giveaway

December 8, 2023

In this case study, we dive into the tactics and strategies that propelled Country Crock's online engagement and social media growth to new heights. Look at the step-by-step process of their plant-based product marketing giveaway, powered by the Audience sweepstakes

Discover how they crafted a recipe submission contest, using our contest tool on Instagram and sweepstakes with a coveted $15,000 ultimate kitchen makeover prize, driving both excitement and participation. We explore the use of bonus entries to expand their email subscriber base and increase their Instagram following. Let’s take a look at Country Crock's phenomenal success and gain valuable insights to elevate your own online creative customer engagement ideas and social media growth strategies.

Customer Background

Country Crock has been creating their spreads in Johnson County, Kansas for over 30 years. All their spreads start with farm-grown ingredients that they slow-churn to buttery perfection with ingredients like plant-based oils, water, and a touch of salt. Country Crock is a brand we all know and love, so let's dive into it.


Can a giveaway campaign help drive online engagement, social media growth, and first-party data collection for Country Crock's plant-based product within 5 weeks?

What was measured?

Country Crock conducted an extensive evaluation of Audience's sweepstakes tool to determine its potential in enhancing their zero-party data, online engagement, social media growth, and word of mouth promotion.

Why was this measurement chosen?

The chosen measurements were selected to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of Country Crock's plant-based product marketing campaign of enhancing:

Online Engagement: The level of user participation and interaction with the campaign, such as the number of recipe submissions, social media shares, comments, and likes.

Social Media Growth: The increase in Country Crock's following and engagement on platforms like Instagram, including the number of new followers gained during the campaign period.

First-Party Data Collection: The percentage of contest entrants who subscribed to Country Crock's newsletter, providing valuable first-party data, such as email addresses and preferences.

Word-of-Mouth Promotion: Participants shared the contest on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, measuring the viral spread and reach of the campaign.


1. Country Crock determined that their data collection focus would be on contact information. This includes email address, phone number, first name, and last name. 

2. They met with the Audience engagement team and reviewed the data points.

3. Collaborating with Audience, the Country Crock team devised targeted strategies to amplify the number of contest entries, increase social media followers, and expand their email subscriber base. Recognizing the potential of bonus entries, they integrated Audience's bonus entry form into their campaign.

Country Crock resulted in 55% of entrants following them on Instagram.

4. To encourage word of mouth on social media, they use their “thank you” message and a confirmation email to re-emphasize their brand message and invite participants to share the contest on Facebook/Twitter.

Where was the Giveaway promoted?

As their primary promotional channel, Country Crock leveraged social media to drive awareness and engagement for their promo giveaway campaign. They effectively directed their audience to a dedicated landing page, which served as a centralized hub for various components of the campaign, including the sweepstakes.

Outcomes and Results

The outcome of this 5 week giveaway was incredible. Country Crock achieved substantial growth in their data as a result of the campaign, with a significant increase in their email opt-ins and social media follows. 

  • Total entries: 29,311
  • Unique entries (new users): 17,777
  • New email subscribers: 10,451
  • Instagram follows: 9,713
  • Facebook shares: 1,154

Driving Online Engagement and Social Media Growth: Country Crock's Success Story

This case study highlights the tremendous impact of leveraging Audience in driving online engagement, social media growth, and first-party data collection for Country Crock's plant-based product marketing campaign. By strategically incorporating a recipe submission contest on Instagram and utilizing bonus entries, Country Crock successfully captured their audience attention, fostered active participation, and expanded their social media following. 

Moreover, by directing participants to a dedicated landing page, they effectively centralized campaign elements and streamlined the user experience. The campaign's success amplifies the importance of leveraging audience-centric strategies, harnessing the power of social media, and utilizing engagement tools, like quizzes and surveys to optimize marketing efforts. 


Country Crock used Audience’s Sweepstakes tool to accomplish their goals. Connect with us today to learn how Audience’s platform can help you grow, enrich, and activate your first-party data.

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December 8, 2023