Personalize Your Marketing Using Zero-Party Data

December 8, 2023

In today's marketing landscape, businesses are increasingly relying on zero party data to create better and personalized customer experiences. Zero party data is information that customers willingly share through different channels, giving businesses clear insights into what their customers like and want. This data empowers businesses to go beyond assumptions, creating a more authentic and customer-centric approach.

This article explores how businesses are effectively using this kind of data to make experiences that truly connect with their customers with real examples.

The Essence of Zero Party Data

Zero party data is a way businesses gather information from customers. It's when customers openly share what they like, want, and expect. Unlike data from purchases and interactions, this data is willingly given, providing a direct view of their preferences and needs.

What are different ways to personalized customer experiences with Zero Party Data?

There are several different types of personalized customer experiences that businesses can implement using their zero-party data. Let’s take a look at some of the experiences below!

1. Product Recommendations:

Zero party data helps businesses know what products customers like. When companies study this data, they can suggest products that match exactly what a customer wants, increasing the chances of a sale.

2. Customized Marketing Communication:

With zero party data, businesses can make ads and messages that match what each person likes. By customizing where and what they say, customers get messages that interest them more, making the experience better.

3. Discounts and Offers:

Zero party data tells businesses about how much a customer can spend, what they usually buy, and the discounts they like. Companies can then give discounts and deals that fit each customer, showing they understand their financial needs.

4. Optimized User Interfaces and Experiences:

Zero party data helps businesses make websites and apps that people like using. By making things just the way users like, like how they look and work, it makes users happier and more interested.

5. Improved Customer Service and Support:

Zero party data can tell businesses how customers like to talk and when they need help. This helps businesses assist customers quickly and in a way they like, which keeps customers happy.

Strategies for Effective Use of Zero Party Data

Let's see how real brands are using their zero-party data to come up with amazing customer experiences! These real examples will give us a clear picture of how companies use the information customers willingly share to create strategies that connect with people, making them more engaged and satisfied.


Delta now offers free inflight Wi-Fi to all customers in exchange for data.

Chick-Fil-A offers an “express” lane for those that use their app to place a mobile order.

Disney+ uses account information & streaming history to make relevant and personalized recommendations via email.

Pavoi focuses on loyalty, retention, and data collection by inserting giveaways in every package.

Sephora learns customers' age, skin types, and skin concerns through a skin finder quiz.

Vrbo created Vrbo Vacay Finder, an experience that gives individualized vacation destination recommendations based on a traverler’s personal preferences.

Arm & Hammer offered a fun personality quiz asking a series of questions about cat ownership and participants are given a personalized product recommendation and their “purrsonality” type that they can share on social media. During that process, the business collects information about each pet owner.

The Power of Zero Party Data in Customer Experiences

Zero party data is a big deal for businesses striving to make customers really happy. When businesses use the data customers willingly share, they can customize how they talk to customers, suggest things, and offer services that match each customer. Being open about how they use this data and using it smartly helps businesses build strong and long-lasting relationships with customers. 

This makes customers happier, more loyal, and boosts business success. As the way we handle data keeps changing, making zero party data a key part of business plans will always be super important for making customers really pleased.

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December 8, 2023