How Stephen Wade Chrysler Dealership Used a $1,000 Giveaway to Gain 349 New Leads and 763 Email Opt-Ins

March 28, 2024

Discover how a Chrysler dealership leveraged a sweepstakes campaign to not only increase and qualify leads but grow their online presence and engage with potential customers.

Customer Background

The Stephen Wade Chrysler dealership, located in St. George, Utah, aimed to increase their car sales and grow their digital marketing efforts to reach a wider audience.


The dealership's primary goal was to generate more qualified leads and engage with their customer base. They also aimed to grow their Facebook following, web traffic, and email database for future marketing campaigns.

How It Worked

  • Campaign Setup: The dealership hosted a standard sweepstakes on Chrysler's website, offering participants a chance to win $1,000. To increase engagement, they included a survey with qualifying questions that helped identify participants' car-buying timelines.
  • Promotion Strategy: The dealership promoted the sweepstakes through targeted social media ads and an email blast to their existing customer base. The promotion was designed to incentivize sharing, with 72% of entrants sharing the contest on their social media pages.
  • Engagement and Conversion: Participants were required to answer a few survey questions for extra entries into the sweepstakes. This not only encouraged participation but also provided the dealership with valuable insights into potential customers' preferences and timelines.

Outcomes and Results

  • Total Entries: The promotion drove engagement with 1,213 users, showcasing the effectiveness of the campaign in engaging with the target audience.
  • Social Shares: An impressive 72% of entrants shared the contest on their social media pages, significantly extending the promotion's reach.
  • Website Visits: The campaign drove 372 users to visit the dealership's inventory page on the website, indicating a high level of interest from participants.
  • Email Opt-Ins: The promotion resulted in 763 new email opt-ins, expanding the dealership's email database for future marketing efforts.
  • Qualified Leads: Through the survey, the dealership identified 349 qualified leads, enabling them to tailor their marketing efforts to individuals who are actively considering purchasing a car.

Achieving Results Through a Sweepstakes Campaign

By combining a standard sweepstakes with a strategic survey and promotion strategy, the Chrysler dealership was able to not only increase car sales but also grow their online presence and engage with potential customers effectively. This campaign demonstrates the power of engaging promotions in driving business objectives and enhancing customer engagement.

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March 28, 2024