How San Diablo Churros Gained Over 1,200 New Leads Through Giveaways

December 8, 2023

Founder Scott Porter had a churro awakening in Mexico City, particularly in Coyoacan, renowned as the churro capital of the world. He couldn't help but notice the stark difference between America's mediocre churros and the exquisite ones he tasted there. And so, San Diablo Churros was born, inspired by the flavors and passion of Mexico's churro scene.

Their goal for this campaign was to get their churros in front of as many different companies and they thought the way to do it was through a simple google form gathering just profile questions like email. They soon discovered through Audience that they can ask more qualifying questions on a giveaway that matches their branding.

About The Brand

In 2021, San Diablo launched their first at-home churro-making kit direct to consumer and for corporate gifting. They started selling these kits online to customers, both nationally and internationally, with the goal of becoming the world's go-to churro brand.

San Diablo Churros also caters for big events like weddings and corporate gatherings. They can make your special occasions even more delightful with their delicious churros.


The main objective was to get more corporate gifting and catering leads. They chose to run a campaign giving away $1,000 for submitting a lead. They wanted a powerful giveaway tool that could match their brand, easily pick a winner and learn a little more information about their corporate gifting customer.


What was the incentive?

San Diablo gave away $1,000 that a business could use for either catering or a churro-making gifts for your business.

How was the campaign structured?

The  campaign asked for basic contact information like name, email, company, and phone number. But we added a few additional questions to help gain deeper insights and help qualify the leads. 

What is your company work style? 

  • In Office
  • At Home
  • Hybrid

What is your role?

  • Department head
  • Admin
  • Owner/founder
  • Other

How was the campaign promoted?

The campaign was promoted through 3 major channels: social, email and in-person conference. Instagram and Linkedin are two of San Diablo’s most active channels. 

These social and email promotions led to a landing page on San Diablo’s website where the Audience powered campaign was embedded. 

San Diablo was also able to capitalize on Silicon Slopes Summit where the Utah tech startups and founders community come together for networking and learning. This was a perfect event to be involved in with the main audience attending being tech founders and decision makers, perfect leads for catering and corporate gifting. San Diablo gave free samples to attendees and promoted this giveaway in person. 

What were the KPI’s?

San Diablo Churros strategically devised a giveaway campaign. At first the primary focus of data collection revolved around contact information. With collaboration from the Audience team, they added on more qualifying questions.


1,202 total entries

839 total responses to “List your Company Name.

614 total responses to “Pick your Company Role.” 

-Majority said owner which showed San Diablo Churros who majority of their target audience is.

614 total responses to “Company Work Style.” 

-Here they discovered that the majority of their audience prefer in person, which can assist in marketing to those profiles for various catering promotions.

613 total responses to “This or That”

-Majority picked 10 churro fiesta box kits vs the $1000 worth of churro catering. This can help determine which product they want to invest more time into since they know what their audience prefers.


“The results have been incredible!! We can't wait to dive into our 1,200 new leads.” - Scott Porter, CEO and Founder of San Diablo Churros

Understanding Preferences Through Giveaways

San Diablo Churros aimed to understand their customers' preferences through a giveaway campaign.

In collaboration with the Audience Team, they used a smart approach to gather insights, offering a tempting prize of $1,000 in churros and asking relevant questions. 

The campaign was a success, generating 1,202 entries and providing valuable insights into their audience's company roles, work styles, and product preferences. This information will help the company tailor their marketing and products, solidifying its position as a leading churro brand.

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December 8, 2023