How RVLock Surpassed Their Audience and Revenue Goals with a Product Giveaway

December 8, 2023

RVLock provides a secure and user-friendly locking solution for contemporary RVers and is the pioneer of keyless handles. They launched their product giveaway campaign in collaboration with Bean Trailer using Audience. The RVLock team’s main objective was to increase revenue and grow email, SMS, and social media audiences. With the help of the Audience team, RVLock created a product giveaway campaign with their goals in mind.

In this marketing campaign, these were the marketing ideas used to push traffic to Shopify:

  • Promoted on the website to leverage existing web traffic and attract a potentially larger audience. 
  • Used Audience’s Purchase-To-Win engagement tool to incentivize customers to makepurchase of an RVLock product in order to win a Bean Trailer.
  • Partnered with Bean Trailer, a high-quality mini trailer manufacturer, to cross-promote products since every customer of Bean Trailers is a potential RVLock customer. 

Campaign Methodology

RVLock wanted to test if a product Sweepstakes tool, Purchase-To-Win tool, and a brand collab was an effective way to grow brand awareness and revenue. 

What was measured?

RVLock tested the use of an engagement tool to streamline and measure the number of unique customers acquired through this campaign and how many of them converted through this giveaway. 

Why was this measurement chosen?

RVLock wanted to put together a strategy that would not only increase awareness and conversions, but capture zero-party data as well. They are aware that their targeting and messaging will be more effective by building their own customer database.


1. RVLock determined the primary information they wanted to learn about their customers was name, email address, and phone number. 

2. They met with the Audience engagement team and reviewed the data points.

3. In addition to name, email, and phone number, RVLock wanted to grow social media followings as well. Audience helped the RVLock team choose to offer 3 additional bonus entries for every social media account someone follows. Using Audience’s bonus entry form, RVLock quickly and easily began to grow their exposure across Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

RVLock’s Facebook alone gained more than 8,442 page likes.

4. RVLock integrated their Shopify with the audience platform to easily be able to track how many conversions came through the campaign. In the campaign duration, almost 3,000 orders were placed in five weeks.

Where was the Giveaway promoted?

RVLock promoted this campaign on their website. In order to grow brand awareness, it was crucial for RVLock to be able to tap into an additional audience outside of their own, which is why the brand collaboration with Bean Trailer was important for the success of this campaign.

Collaborating with brands is a great way to:

  • Increase exposure
  • Enhance credibility
  • Access new markets
  • Strengthen relationships

Outcomes and Results

The results from this five-week giveaway were impressive. RVLock was able to significantly grow email addresses, audiences on every social platform, and lastly receive a generous amount of new orders.

  • New email subscribers: 23,185
  • Total entries: 39,843
  • Unique entries (new users): 23,255
  • New Facebook likes: 8,442
  • New Instagram followers: 7,657
  • New TikTok subscribers: 4,524
  • New Youtube subscribers: 4,997
  • New orders placed: 2,993
  • Twitter shares: 1,936
  • Facebook shares: 1,154

What did RVLock say about using Audience?

"Great product and a great team that knows their product. Needed a solution to both drive $ growth and brand awareness. After looking around, Audience was the best and only solution that offered in-depth Shopify integrations. Expect successful campaigns with this software." - Nick M. | RVLock & Co. LLC

Conclusion: Achieved Their Goals and Gained Valuable Customer Knowledge

RVLock wanted to grow awareness and conversions and their giveaway campaign powered by Audience proved to be highly successful. 

Overall, they increased their subscribers for each of their main performing social platforms by more than 4,000. In five weeks, they had close to 3,000 new orders placed. They also saw incremental improvement across the board with their exposure and awareness across all platforms of engagement. RVLock’s customer data and brand awareness increased significantly through the Audience Sweepstakes campaign. Out of the 39,843 total entries in the giveaway, 23,255 were unique people. These results show how powerful sweepstakes are in increasing exposure.


RVLock used Audience’s Purchase-To-Win and Sweepstakes tools to accomplish their goals. Connect with us today to learn how Audience’s platform can help you grow, enrich, and activate your first-party data.

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December 8, 2023