How NBC Connecticut Generated $40,000 Through a 12 days of Christmas Giveaway Campaign

December 8, 2023

NBC Connecticut is a television station licensed to New Britain, Connecticut, United States, serving as the NBC outlet for the Hartford–New Haven market. It is owned and operated by the network's NBC Owned Television Stations. 

This media group decided to run a big engagement promotion involving different sponsors everyday for 12 days. Users can visit the station's website daily and enter to win a prize for 12 days. 


NBC Connecticut had three main objectives with this campaign, first was to engage listeners, drive website traffic, and provide a chance to involve more sponsorships.


What was the incentive?

The enticing incentive given away to users daily was a $500 gift card from one of the sponsors each day. 

What was required to enter?

  • Name
  • Email
  • Facebook like for NBC Connecticut (optional)
  • Facebook like for each brand

How was the campaign structured?

  • Sponsor Investment - The sponsor investment was $3,000 - $4,000 each + prize costs. This in turn makes the campaign value worth $40,000 + $6,000 worth of prizes. With this investment, all sponsors receive on air mentions, social media shoutouts, and their logos placed on the background graphic.
  • Daily Sponsors - Each day of the campaign focused on a different sponsor. On their designated day, the sponsor had their logo highlighted and their Facebook LIke button added to the main entry form. They also received the email opt-ins for that specific date.
  • Bonus entries - This campaign also included bonus entries to drive social followings.



78,456  total entries for 12 days

$40,000 total sponsorship revenue

With metrics ranging from over 1,200 to over 13,000 total entries per day, the main key performance indicator of boosting brand awareness for sponsors was accomplished.

$40,000 Success in Brand Awareness

NBC Connecticut executed a 12-day Christmas Giveaway campaign, generating $40,000 in value through sponsor investments and prizes. The strategic approach involved daily sponsor highlights, enticing users with a $500 gift card incentive, and gathering essential information through a user-friendly sweepstakes form. The campaign's structure, with each day dedicated to a different sponsor, ensured maximum exposure, engagement, and allowed more space for lots of sponsors. 

NBC Connecticut was able to drive significant exposure and brand awareness for the 12 sponsors involved. This campaign was highly effective for driving traffic and growing social audiences for both the station and for its sponsors.

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December 8, 2023