How a Local Media Company Engaged 4,729 Users Through a Photo Contest Campaign

March 28, 2024

Experience the innovative collaboration between Binnie Media Radio and local sponsors as they uplift communities and raise brand awareness through charitable initiatives. Discover how a simple contest sparked engagement, supported local businesses, and made a meaningful impact on dog rescues in Maine.

Customer Background

Binnie Media is Maine and New Hampshire’s largest privately owned and locally managed media company. Between radio, digital, and outdoor advertising mediums, Binnie Media engages with over 1.5 million people every week.


Binnie Media Radio aimed to increase brand awareness while supporting local dog rescues and businesses. By partnering with Morong Falmouth car dealership and a general pet store, they created a contest that not only gave back to the community but also generated excitement and engagement.

How It Worked

  • Campaign: Users submitted their pet photos for a chance to win a $250 gift card to the pet store and $1,000 donated to a rescue of their choice. Both the gift card and donation were provided by sponsors. The pet with the most votes wins!
  • Main Sponsorship Prize: Morong Falmouth car dealership donated $1,000 to dog rescues in Maine. Contest participants had the opportunity to select one of three dog rescue places as their favorite charity. By doing so, they entered for a chance to win $250 to the sponsoring pet store.
  • Secondary Sponsorship Prize: The general pet store also offered a $250 prize to one lucky participant, further incentivizing entries.
  • Engagement and Voting: Entries were submitted online, and the winner was determined by votes. This not only encouraged participation but also drove traffic and engagement for all involved parties.

Outcomes and Results

The campaign exceeded expectations, with 4,729 votes from 2,290 total users, including 1,417 new users. A total of 787 submissions were completed, showcasing the community's enthusiasm and engagement with the initiative.

Impact and Benefits

  • Brand Awareness: Binnie Media Radio and its sponsors received significant brand exposure through the contest, reaching a wide audience in Maine and New Hampshire.
  • Community Support: The contest supported local dog rescues and businesses, fostering a sense of community and goodwill among participants and sponsors alike.
  • Engagement and Growth: The campaign attracted new users and increased engagement, demonstrating the effectiveness of cause-driven marketing in driving business objectives.

Community and Compassion: Key Drivers in Brand Building Success

Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to giving back, Binnie Media Radio and its sponsors successfully raised brand awareness, supported local communities, and engaged audiences in a meaningful way. This case study highlights the power of charitable initiatives in building brand loyalty and making a positive impact on society.

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March 28, 2024