How KARE 11 News Partnership with OBGYN West for a Mother’s Day Sweepstakes Earns 4,500+ Email Opt-Ins

April 5, 2024

Customer Background

KARE 11 News, a prominent news station in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, partnered with OBGYN West, a leading obstetrics and gynecology practice, to create a Mother’s Day-themed sweepstakes.


The partnership aimed to increase exposure for both companies, drive engagement with their audiences, and grow their email opt-in lists. 

How It Worked

Campaign Setup: The Mother’s Day sweepstakes, a standard enter-to-win giveaway, ran for a short duration of 8 days. Participants were required to fill out an entry form hosted on KARE 11's website, which included fields for first name, last name, email address, and an email opt-in checkbox.

Promotion Strategy: KARE 11 and OBGYN West promoted the sweepstakes through their respective channels, including social media, email newsletters, and on-air mentions. The promotion was designed to resonate with the Mother’s Day theme, encouraging participation and sharing.

Outcomes and Results

  • Total Entries: The promotion received an impressive 7,105 unique entries, indicating high participation and interest.
  • Email Opt-Ins: 4,553 participants opted in to receive emails from KARE 11 and OBGYN West, expanding their email marketing reach.
  • New Users: The sweepstakes attracted 3,801 new users to KARE 11's website, demonstrating effective audience engagement.
  • Social Sharing: 23% of participants shared the contest on their social media platforms, increasing the promotion's reach and visibility.
  • Total Engagement: The campaign generated 8,170 total entries, showcasing its effectiveness in engaging the audience and driving participation.

Driving Engagement and Growth Through Strategic Partnerships

The KARE 11 News and OBGYN West Mother’s Day sweepstakes successfully achieved their goals of increasing exposure, driving engagement, and growing their email opt-in lists. By leveraging the Mother’s Day theme and implementing a strategic promotion strategy, the partnership was able to captivate audiences and generate significant participation in a short period. This campaign showcases the power of collaborative promotions in achieving marketing objectives and creating audience engagement.

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April 5, 2024