How Icon Electric Vehicles Uses Audience Sweepstakes App to Increase Awareness and Customers

December 8, 2023

Icon Electric Vehicles kicked off their product giveaway campaign with Audience for a two-week timeframe. To start, the team had two main goals: increase awareness and increase customers. The team decided to increase their awareness goal through email, SMS, and social media.

By Icon Electric Vehicles creating the goal of increasing customer awareness; their brand could have a significant positive impact on their success and growth.

Customers who are aware of their brand are more likely to:

...become loyal to it, as they perceive it to be trustworthy and familiar it, as they perceive it to be a reputable and established golf cart manufacturer.

...consider purchasing their products more, leading to increased sales and revenue.

...shape how customers perceive it, leading to a positive image and association with their brand.


Could Icon Electric Vehicles increase brand awareness and audience growth through a product giveaway?

What was measured?

Icon Electric Vehicles tested their ability to use an engagement tool to streamline and measure the impact of new customers acquired and data collected from existing customers.

Why was this measurement chosen?

Icon Electric Vehicles wanted to thread zero and first-party data into their marketing strategy going forward as a way to grow customers and revenue. They also wanted a way to keep current and new customers engaged.


1. Icon Electric determined that their data collection focus would be on name, phone number, zip code, and email.

2. Icon Electric met with the Audience engagement team and reviewed the data points.

3. Audience and the team collaborated on ways to increase audience size on their social platforms by using bonus entries using popups. Using Audience’s bonus entry form, Icon Electric Vehicles quickly and easily began to grow their exposure across Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. For example, the team decided to add 100 bonus entries for any follow on Instagram.

Icon Electric Vehicles Instagram alone gained more than 16,000 followers in two weeks.

Where was the Giveaway promoted?

Icon Electric Vehicles utilized their social media platforms, and website, and attended one of the largest boat shows in Southern Florida. They also leveraged other businesses around them to promote the campaign.

Outcomes and Results

The results from this two week giveaway were astounding. Icon was able to significantly grow email addresses and audiences on every social platform.

  • New email subscribers: 23,880
  • Total entries: 32,596
  • Unique entries (new users): 23,255
  • New Facebook likes: 8,895 Facebook likes
  • New Instagram followers: 16,112
  • New TikTok subscribers: 9,132
  • New Twitter followers 2,932
  • New Youtube subscribers: 5,254

What was Icon Electric Vehicles most impressed with for this campaign?

"With this campaign launching for such a short period time, we were impressed with how many entries were received in our Golf Cart Giveaway." - Icon Electric Vehicles

Conclusion: Increasing Exposure, Awareness, and Zero-Party Data

Icon Electric Vehicles had some major goals they needed to achieve, and they’ve succeeded in them since launching Audience's Sweepstakes Campaign.

Overall, they’ve increased their subscribers for each of their main performing social platforms by more than 5,000. They’re also seeing incremental improvement across the board with their exposure and awareness across all platforms of engagement. Icon Electric Vehicles customer data has increased significantly through the Audience Sweepstakes campaign. Out of the 32,596 total entries in the giveaway, 23,255 were unique people completed. These results show how powerful sweepstakes are in increasing exposure.


Icon Electric Vehicles used Audience’s Sweepstakes tool to accomplish their goals. Connect with us today to learn how Audience’s platform can help you grow, enrich, and activate your first-party data.

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December 8, 2023