How Counter Gained Valuable Insight On Retail Customers Through QR Code Surveys

December 8, 2023

Counter was founded by a community of creators that share a passion for nutrition and good eating. They create macro balanced frozen foods from their Content Creators’ most viral recipes.

As they relied on wholesale stores, strategizing audience engagement was crucial, especially given the limited data provided by Sam's Club. By integrating QR code giveaways into their product packaging, they successfully connected with their audience and learned valuable insights from over 500 individuals.

About The Brand

Counter sells high protein, macro friendly meals from some of TikTok’s most viral influencer inspired recipes. They have gained a large amount of attention by collaborating with some of the biggest names in the health and fitness space like Calvin Kang and Lillie Biesinger to develop and distribute amazing food to local markets, primarily selling through retail chains like Target and Sam’s club.


One of the biggest challenges brands face when selling products through retail stores is the visibility of their customers, who they are, why they are buying, and how often. Not having this visibility limits growth and retargeting capability. This was a particularly large pain point for Counter and they wanted a way to learn more about the behaviors of their customers. 


The main objective was to establish effective means of connecting with and gaining visibility into their audience for future engagement. The packaging giveaway presented a strategic opportunity, resulting in a substantial 563 entries, each providing valuable insights through the answers to insightful questions for Counter.


What was the incentive?

The enticing incentive given away was the chance to win a tonal home gym, a choice made by the brand recognizing their target audience’s journey to being fit.

How was the campaign structured?

  • Packaging entries - whenever a customer purchased the packaged item at Sam’s Club, they scanned the QR code leading to the giveaway campaign and answered some questions to be entered into the giveaway.
  • Bonus entries for social followings - towards the end of the campaign there are bonus entries given out to those who follow Counter on TikTok and Instagram.
  • Winner chosen - you can only enter once but winners were chosen daily and announced on the morning radio show, 7 winners total.

These incentives increased audience engagement and customer database count.

What were the KPI’s?

Counter strategically devised a tailored giveaway campaign. The primary focus of data collection revolved around email addresses, with social followings, and answering questions to learn more about their audience.


2,516 total interactions

1,006 total responses to “How many boxes of Taco Mac & Cheese did you purchase?

959 total responses to “Did you join Sam’s Club as a new member specifically to purchase Counter’s Taco Mac & Cheese?

809 total responses to “How recently have you purchased items from the Frozen Foods aisle in Sam’s Club?

121 agreed to receive exclusive Counter updates

945 follow on Instagram

593 follow on TikTok

We found that the majority of their customers have made recent purchases from the frozen food aisle at Sam’s Club. This valuable insight provides a clear understanding of their frequent visits to the frozen section, precisely where their products are positioned. It not only showcases their product's strategic location but also emphasizes the potential for targeted marketing and product optimization.

Strategic Audience Engagement: Counter’s Wholesale Store Success

Counter didn’t let wholesalers stop them from gathering insights about their customers. They engaged their audience strategically by using a QR code giveaway on their product packaging, which led to insights from over 500 participants.

Their main goal was to connect with their audience effectively, achieved through a packaging giveaway that attracted 563 entries. The incentive of winning a tonal home gym appealed to their fitness-focused audience. By collecting emails, encouraging social follows, and asking insightful questions, Counter successfully increased engagement and expanded their customer base.

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December 8, 2023