How Canyon Media Utilized “Best Of” to Drive $326,000 in Revenue

April 15, 2024

Customer Background

Canyon Media, a media company based in Southern Utah, owns and operates seven radio stations and an online newspaper. They provide marketing, advertising, and promotion-based strategies to businesses in the region.


Canyon Media sought to increase revenue during their slowest quarter by partnering with industry experts to execute a new program. The goal was to introduce new offerings, generate incremental revenue, and reduce client attrition.

How It Worked

Partnership Setup: Canyon Media partnered with Audience to execute the "Best of Southern Utah" program. Leveraging Audience's “Best Of” tool, and their sales playbook, Canyon Media facilitated the program to outperform expectations.

Program Details: "Best of Southern Utah" aimed to recognize the best businesses in the region through a voting process. The program provided legitimacy, as votes were cash-only to prevent voter fraud. Audience handled complaints and ensured confidential voting.


  • Revenue Generation: The partnership generated $326,000 in revenue in the second year, demonstrating significant growth.
  • Incremental Revenue: 60% of the revenue came from new clients, indicating the program's success in attracting new business.
  • Year-Over-Year Growth: The program achieved a 29% increase over the first year's results, showcasing its effectiveness in driving revenue growth.
  • New Client Retention: Canyon Media retained 10% of new clients, highlighting the program's ability to establish lasting partnerships.


"The team from Audience was a true partner in the development, launch, and execution of the Best in Market program. The program opened opportunities with new clients and provided new and exciting offerings for existing partnerships!" - Brent Rowe, Director of Sales, Canyon Media

Benefits of Using a Third-Party “Best Of” Platform:

  • Legitimacy: The partnership with Audience lent credibility to the program.
  • Cash Transactions: Cash-only voting prevented trade and ensured fair competition.
  • Voter Fraud Detection: Audience' software helped detect and prevent voter fraud.
  • Complaint Handling: Audience managed complaints and ensured a smooth voting process.
  • Confidentiality: The voting process was kept confidential, enhancing the program's integrity.

Driving Revenue Growth and Client Engagement Through Audience’s Best Of Program

Canyon Media's collaboration with Audience for the "Best of Southern Utah" program drove significant revenue growth and client engagement. Leveraging Audience' expertise and software, Canyon Media achieved impressive results, including a 29% increase in revenue over the first year and 60% of revenue from new clients. The program's innovative approach and fraud prevention measures underscore its success, highlighting the value of strategic partnerships in achieving business goals.

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April 15, 2024