How BiCoastal Media generated $650,000 in revenue through Best Of

April 12, 2024

Customer Background

Bicoastal Media owns and operates over 50 radio stations in the Northwest region. In 2022, they transitioned to using Audience, a promotions platform, to build individual "Best Of" campaigns per market.


Bicoastal Media's transition to Audience proved to be a significant success, increasing both engagement and revenue. They hosted 8 campaigns in their flagship year and plan to run 10 in the next year, aiming for continued growth across all markets.

How It Worked

Campaign Setup: Using Audience, Bicoastal Media created "Best Of" campaigns tailored to each market. These campaigns engaged listeners to vote for their favorite businesses, driving both engagement and revenue.

Program Details: The campaigns garnered a total of 750,000 votes and nominated 7,000 unique businesses. The total promotional revenue generated was $650,000, highlighting the success of the program.


  • Total Campaigns: Bicoastal Media hosted 8 campaigns in their first year, with plans to run 10 in the next year, indicating growth and success.
  • Engagement: The campaigns received a total of 750,000 votes, showcasing high levels of listener engagement.
  • Revenue: The campaigns generated a total of $650,000 in promotional revenue, demonstrating the financial success of the program.


“The team at Audience stepped up and met us where we were. They know their software backwards and forwards, and their team is experienced, knowledgeable, and available throughout the program. They have a great design team behind them, so contest websites and branding collateral are streamlined and clean. They meet the demands of constant questions from station reps who are selling the program with a friendly team-oriented demeanor. They dig into bigger issues with an attitude of partnership and problem-solving. They have never not been available. We have had many strategic sessions on how to accomplish our contest goals. The software is easy to use and flexible for multiple markets. I am very happy with our choice of Audience and what this partnership has meant to our markets and the communities we serve.” - Leslie Moon, Director of Digital Services, Bicoastal Media

Driving Success Through Strategic Partnerships and Engaging Campaigns with Audience

Bicoastal Media's transition to Audience for their "Best Of" campaigns resulted in increased engagement and revenue. The success of their flagship year, with 7 campaigns hosted, demonstrates the effectiveness of Audience in driving audience participation and financial success. This case study highlights the value of using Audience for promotions and the positive impact it can have on a media company's revenue and engagement metrics.

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April 12, 2024