Effective Follow-up Strategies To Sustain Momentum

December 8, 2023

A well-executed giveaway can be a powerful tool to attract new customers, strengthen brand loyalty, and create buzz around your products or services. But how do you sustain momentum?

In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a successful giveaway marketing strategy, selecting a winner, and maximizing post-giveaway impact. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or new to the world of giveaways, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to run a compelling campaign that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Let's dive in and unlock the secrets of giveaway success!

Keep Giveaways Exciting

Giveaways are awesome for initially attracting new customers and engagement, but here's the secret sauce: keeping the excitement going throughout the entire journey is the key to running a contest that pays dividends. So, if you want to make sure your participants stay pumped up, check out these awesome giveaway marketing strategies.

1. Offer an Extra Giveaway Every Week:

Why settle for just one giveaway when you can have more? Spice things up by running additional types of giveaways or mini-contests within the main event. Think smaller prizes, exclusive merch, or unique experiences. By introducing weekly giveaways, you'll keep the opportunities to win coming and build up the anticipation for the grand prize announcement. This strategy not only keeps the interest alive but also extends the overall excitement, giving you maximum engagement.

A real-life example of a company implementing this strategy is "SnackBox Co." SnackBox Co. is a subscription-based snack delivery service that recently organized a giveaway campaign.

Instead of having a single giveaway, they decided to spice things up by running additional weekly giveaways within the main event. Each week, they offered smaller prizes such as limited edition snack boxes, exclusive merchandise like branded t-shirts and mugs, or unique experiences like a virtual snack tasting session with their team.

By introducing these weekly giveaways, SnackBox Co. not only kept their first party audience engaged but also created ongoing opportunities for participants to win. This approach built up excitement and anticipation throughout the entire duration of the campaign, as participants eagerly awaited each week's announcement. The additional giveaways not only sustained the interest but also extended the overall excitement, resulting in maximum engagement from their audience.

2. Spread the Love with Follow-Up Emails and Social Posts:

Communication is key, my friend! Keep your participants in the loop by sending follow-up emails and posting on social media. Remind them about the giveaway, share updates on progress, and build up that excitement. Show off exciting milestones reached, share interesting entries you've received, or highlight previous winners. Use eye-catching visuals and compelling content to keep the fire burning and motivate participants to stay active and involved.

3. Create Interactive Challenges or Tasks:

Add a little spice to your giveaway by introducing interactive challenges or tasks along the way. Think quizzes, puzzles, or photo caption contests that match your brand or the giveaway theme. Encourage participants to share their responses, interact with each other, and tag their friends. This way, you'll expand the reach of your campaign. Consider offering extra entries or bonus prizes to those who actively participate in these challenges. They deserve a little something for being awesome, right?

4. Exclusive Updates and Sneak Peeks:

Everybody loves to feel special! Share exclusive updates, sneak peeks, or behind-the-scenes content related to the giveaway. Give glimpses of the grand prize, share interviews with past winners, or spill the beans about the selection process. By offering this exclusive content, you'll build anticipation, create a sense of exclusivity, and keep participants excited and engaged throughout the giveaway. It's like they're part of a secret club, and who doesn't love that?

5. Let's Gamify the Experience:

Turn your giveaway into a game! Incorporate gamification elements to make it even more exciting and engaging. Participants can earn points, badges, or levels by completing specific actions like sharing the giveaway on social media, referring friends, or engaging with your brand's content. Create a leaderboard to showcase top participants and offer special rewards or bonuses to those who reach specific milestones. Gamifying the experience adds a whole new level of fun and friendly competition, motivating participants to stay engaged and strive for recognition.

6. Let the Participants Shine: User-Generated Content Rules:

You've got a talented bunch participating in your giveaway, so why not feature their amazing content? Show off testimonials, success stories, or creative entries from participants to acknowledge and appreciate their efforts. This not only fosters a sense of community and connection but also inspires others to actively participate and strive for recognition. User-generated content adds authenticity and social proof to your campaign, making it even more impactful.

Remember, a successful giveaway relies on consistency and creativity. By incorporating additional giveaways, sending regular updates, encouraging participant involvement, featuring user-generated content, and adding some gamification, you'll keep the excitement alive and create an amazing experience for everyone involved.

Choosing a Winner

But wait, there's more! Choosing a winner is a crucial part of your giveaway marketing strategy. So, let's dive into some steps and strategies for selecting a winner that will make your giveaway a shining success.

First things first: be aware of giveaway compliance. Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations to ensure your giveaway is on the right side of the law. Take the time to research and understand the specific guidelines for your jurisdiction. You can even include a link to a compliance article in your terms and conditions to educate participants about the rules they should know.

Now, let's talk about how to pick the winner. You have a couple of options here. You can choose winners manually by reviewing entries individually and evaluating them based on predetermined criteria. This may take some time and can cause a biased pick.

Alternatively, you can automate the winner selection process using tools designed for giveaway management. These tools can select winners based on criteria you set, such as random selection or specific entry requirements. Automation simplifies the process, reduces the potential for errors, and ensures fairness. So, if you're dealing with a large number of entries, this can be a real time-saver.

Once you've chosen your winners, it's time to make a big announcement! Share the news publicly to create buzz, reinforce the legitimacy of your contest, and inspire future participation. Utilize your social media platforms, especially Instagram, to announce the winners and express gratitude to all participants. Create visually stunning graphics or videos showcasing the winners' names and the amazing prizes they've won. This public announcement will attract new participants and solidify your credibility.

But hey, don't stop there! Invite the winners to share their excitement by providing user-generated content like photos, videos, or testimonials. Ask for their permission to feature this content in your future marketing materials. By incorporating winners' content into your giveaway marketing strategy, you'll strengthen your brand's credibility, showcase social proof, and encourage ongoing engagement from participants. It's a win-win situation!

Post Giveaway Marketing Strategies

Now that you've chosen a winner and celebrated their victory, it's time to shift gears and focus on your post-giveaway marketing strategy. Don't let the party end just yet! This is your chance to maintain momentum, show appreciation to participants, and keep engaging with your audience. Check out these strategies that will maximize the impact of your post-giveaway marketing efforts.

1. Give a One-Time Use Coupon Code:

Show some love to your participants by offering them a one-time use coupon code as a thank-you gesture for their participation. This special code can provide a discount or a special offer on your products or services. By giving participants a personalized discount, you not only encourage them to make a purchase but also make them feel exclusive. They'll know they've received a unique reward for their engagement, and that's something special. This strategy strengthens customer loyalty and drives post-giveaway conversions.

One real-life example of a company implementing this strategy is "FitFab Gym." FitFab Gym recently ran a giveaway campaign to engage their audience and promote their fitness products and services.

At the end of the giveaway, they sent personalized emails to all participants, expressing their gratitude for their participation and providing them with a one-time use coupon code as a thank-you gesture. The coupon code offered a 20% discount on any gym membership or fitness classes for a limited time.

By offering this exclusive discount, FitFab Gym not only showed appreciation to their participants but also incentivized them to take advantage of the offer and experience their fitness offerings firsthand. This strategy not only strengthened customer loyalty but also resulted in a significant increase in post-giveaway conversions, as participants felt valued and motivated to make a purchase.

2. Send a Free Gift to Participants:

Who doesn't love a surprise gift? Show your appreciation and keep participants engaged by sending them a free gift as a thank-you for their participation in the giveaway. It could be a small item related to your brand or industry, a sample of a new product, or even a digital download. Include a coupon code for a discount on a future purchase, valid for a limited time. This gesture not only reinforces your brand's generosity but also gives participants a chance to experience your products or services firsthand. It could lead to future sales and a stronger relationship with your audience.

3. Leverage Social Media and Email Marketing:

Take advantage of your social media platforms, especially Instagram, and leverage email marketing to promote your post-giveaway offers. Craft engaging and visually appealing posts or stories to highlight the coupon code and free gift. Encourage participants to share their experiences with the promo giveaways, their free gift, or the discount they received. This user-generated content serves as social proof and can attract new participants to your future giveaways. Additionally, use email marketing to send personalized messages to participants, emphasizing their contribution and the exclusive post-giveaway offers. Personalization goes a long way in building relationships.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency:

Nothing gets people moving like a bit of urgency! Set expiration dates for your coupon codes and free gift offers to create a sense of urgency and prompt immediate action. Clearly communicate these dates in your marketing materials and highlight the benefits of redeeming the offers promptly. By creating a limited-time opportunity, you encourage participants to act quickly, increasing post-giveaway conversions. Make it clear that they don't want to miss out on the goodness you have in store for them.

By implementing these post-giveaway marketing strategies, you'll sustain momentum, foster customer loyalty, and drive conversions. Give participants a one-time use coupon code, send them a free gift with a future purchase discount code, and promote these offers through social media and email marketing. Don't forget to create a sense of urgency to prompt immediate action. These strategies not only contribute to the success of your current giveaway but also lay the foundation for future engagement and brand loyalty.

So, now you're equipped with an awesome giveaway marketing strategy from start to finish. You know how to choose a winner with fairness and transparency, how to keep the excitement going after the giveaway, and how to maintain engagement with your audience. With consistency, creativity, and a touch of fun, your giveaways will be a hit every time!

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December 8, 2023