Did You Know We Have “Best Of”?

April 12, 2024

That’s right! Our "Best Of" platform offers a Self-Managed option, giving you full control from start to finish. With this platform, you can customize everything from the timeline and design to the available products, pricing, inventory, fulfillment options, user access, and reporting, all through a user-friendly dashboard. And we’ll be here to help you every step of the way!


The nomination process is made easier with an API connection that automatically fills in business information for nominators. Digital banners are provided for use during the nomination phase. All nominees are stored in a database where the sales team can access and manage them. This includes updating nominee information and placing orders for each business.

See an example here: 


Voting Process

Voting takes place via the Voting Ballot and Custom Voting Pages. Sponsors can purchase a custom webpage that allows users to vote for them in all of their categories at once! Different Voting Ballot banners can also be purchased for the voting period.

See an example here:



The Winners display showcases winners in each subcategory, with each listing displaying aggregate placements. Various banners and expanded listings can be purchased for additional promotion.

See an example here:


Driving Revenue With “Best Of”: A Comprehensive Awards Management Solution

Our "Best Of" platform provides a comprehensive solution for managing awards, from the nomination phase to voting and finally announcing the winners. With features like streamlined nomination steps, API connections for pre-populating business information, an easy to use fulfillment center, and countless ad options, the platform simplifies the entire process. 

During the voting phase, users can cast their votes through the Voting Ballot or Custom Voting Pages, with various banners available for purchase to enhance visibility. Once the winners are selected, the platform showcases them within each subcategory, with options to purchase banners and expanded listings for additional promotion. Overall, our platform offers a seamless and customizable experience for managing awards, empowering businesses to recognize excellence in their communities.

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April 12, 2024