Before and After: Improving Customer Engagement & Qualifying Leads with Audience

December 8, 2023

The key to a successful campaign begins with a platform that can help create ease of use and a support team that can assist in marketing strategy. San Diablo Churros, known for their famous churros, was looking to grow their database strategically. This transformative journey started with a Google Form and evolved through a partnership with the Audience Team and tools. Together, they harnessed the power of qualifying questions and a set of interactive features that elevated their campaign and overall made for better experience for end users and for San Diablo.

What’s wrong with a Google Form?

There is nothing wrong with a Google Form; however, there are some limitations. San Diablo Churros initiated their marketing journey with a straightforward Google Form, designed to capture leads and collect valuable insights. Initially, the google form did not include an extensive array of qualifying questions, which allowed for broad participation and not a lot of data insight. While this approach laid the foundation for potential engagement, there was still a lot of room left for further insights and more interactive features.

Why the Audience Platform is better than a Google Form

The essence of San Diablo Churros' successful campaign extended beyond the strategic use of qualifying questions and incorporated a range of interactive features:

  • Sharing for More Entries: San Diablo Churros encouraged participants to share the campaign with their networks using the sharing campaign link feature. Those who did so earned additional entries. This transformed every participant into a brand advocate, exponentially expanding the campaign's reach.
  • Interactive Display: The "This or That" question not only boosted engagement but also showcased the two options in a photo. This interactive feature created a great visual for users while collecting insight on their individual preferences.
  • Conversation Like Experience: Questions were broken up into sections, asking only one to two questions at a time. This eliminated distractions, keeping participants engaged and focused.
  • On-Brand Landing Page Embed: To ensure a seamless user experience, the Audience experience was customized to match San Diablo Churros’s brand to make it look native to the page. This eliminated distractions, keeping participants engaged and focused.
  • Winner Groups: Since San Diablo Churros drove traffic to their inline campaign and their story campaign, they selected a winner from “Winner Groups”. This made it easy for them to choose one winner from both campaigns. 

How the Audience Helped to Qualify Leads

Recognizing the need to elevate the user experience, qualify leads, and gain deeper insights, San Diablo Churros strategically partnered with the Audience Team. Their mission was to enhance their understanding of their audience, ultimately leading to a more personalized and effective marketing campaign.

The Audience Team introduced a series of qualifying questions, including:

  1. Company Name: By requesting respondents to provide their company name, San Diablo Churros gained insights into the professional backgrounds of their audience, which proved invaluable for tailoring their message.
  2. Role: Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the respondents within their companies enabled San Diablo Churros to fine-tune their messaging for maximum impact.
  3. Company Work Style: This question delved into the work culture and environment of the respondents' companies, allowing for them to prepare for future campaigns such as catering for in person and at home kits for remote.
  4. Interactivity: Injecting an element of visual appeal, the Audience Team introduced images to some of the fields. This helped showcase customers' preferences and helped to enhance engagement and excitement.



San Diablo Churros' shift from a basic Google Form to an interactive, data-driven campaign highlights the remarkable advantages of the Audience platform. The combination of qualifying questions and interactive features demonstrates how the Audience Team and tools can elevate marketing campaigns.

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December 8, 2023