A Peek Inside Audience Email

June 11, 2024

Building and engaging your owned database is your first step monetizing your data. And now with Audience Email, you can go from data to dollars faster than ever! Audience Email allows you to utilize your lists created in Userbase or any of our integrations to seamlessly send email campaigns, newsletters, and automated email to your database. 

Here is a rundown on the powerful functionality Audience Email has to offer:


With Audience Email's campaign builder and template library, creating and deploying one-time announcements or recurring messages is a breeze. Whether you're promoting a new product or sharing company updates, Audience Email ensures you're always top of mind with your customers. Create and personalize your email campaigns with our powerful, intuitive drag & drop email editor. Our drag & drop editor lets you design and customize email with ease. Whether you choose one of our pre-built templates or create your own, our editor provides an effortless way to create incredible email campaigns designed to connect with your subscribers and customers. With our extensive email template library, you’re sure to find a design that matches your style and connects with your audience.

Learn more about Campaigns


Set up autoresponders for special dates or trigger emails based on specific actions. This feature ensures that every communication is timely and relevant, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Discover the Power of Autoresponders


Maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns with Audience Email's Experiments feature. Conduct A/B testing on elements such as subject lines and design to identify what resonates best with your audience, ensuring every email you send drives engagement and delivers results.

Drive Success with Experiments


Easily manage your contacts by assigning them to lists, uploading lists, or connecting with third-party integrations. Audience Email makes it simple to keep your database organized and up to date, trigger lists from, and initiate campaigns.

Effortless Contact Management with Lists


Gain valuable insights into your email performance on both the station level and the corporate level. Through our reporting dashboard, you have access to email and deliverability metrics as well as trend charts to help tell the story of how your audience is interacting. 

Dive into Reporting for Actionable Insights

Over 50+ Integrations

Leverage our 50+ integrations to optimize your data and streamline your workflow, freeing up your focus for what matters most.

Sub Account Branching

Org Admins under the Master Org Account have one login for all 3 Sub Accounts. Admins in the Secondary Org Account access only Sub Account #3. Account Users use one username to access their specific sub account. Additional Sub Accounts follow the same format. Each Sub Account must have an Account Owner with the same access as an Account User. You can have any number of Account Users and Org Admins within your contract. Org Accounts can be nested for organizing access.

Reputation Management

Reputation Defender scans your contacts' email addresses and returns a rating to identify invalid or risky email addresses that can affect your deliverability. Maintaining a healthy email list is essential for a good sending reputation. Reputation Defender helps identify these problematic addresses, which can harm both your sending reputation and deliverability. It adds automation to maintaining list health, an area that many marketers can overlook with so many other tasks at hand. 

List cleaning tools automatically identify invalid or risky email addresses, protecting your sending reputation and keeping you out of spam folders. With deliverability support, you receive prompt attention from our deliverability team, who work to support the shared IP pools. Our team of specialists monitors activity, so if you encounter sending issues, they are there to assist!

Transform Your Email Marketing with Audience Email

Email marketing is a powerful tool for activating your database and engaging with your audience. With Audience Email's suite of features, you can streamline your email marketing efforts, drive meaningful interactions, and achieve remarkable results. Unlock the full potential of your database today with Audience Email.

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June 11, 2024