A Life Transformed: Reproductive Fertility Center and 97.1 ZHT's Impact on a Family's Journey through Infertility

December 8, 2023

Experience the groundbreaking journey of a media company collaborating with a Reproductive Center as they shatter societal norms. One voting contest could captivate hearts and minds leading to an increase in brand exposure. 

Discover how this extraordinary UGC and voting contest, using our contest tool, offered a life-changing prize of Fertility Treatment, pushing boundaries, inspiring hope, and redefining the meaning of success. Join us for a captivating case study that will leave you inspired!

Customer Background

For over six decades, IHM 97.1 ZHT has been a driving force in the mainstream music scene. Since its establishment in 1961, this iconic radio station has continually evolved to meet the demands of its loyal listeners. Transitioning to the popular Top 40 format in 2003, IHM 97.1 ZHT has captivated audiences with the latest chart-toppers, marking a new era in its remarkable history. Prior to that, it was renowned for its impressive collection of 80s hits, leaving a mark on generations of music enthusiasts. 

The Reproductive Care Center has helped couples and single patients with infertility for over 25 years. Using the latest medical developments, their team of infertility specialists determine the best treatment choices for each patient. They understand infertility and offer the best treatments and solutions including IVF treatment, IUI procedures, fertility drug medications, embryology, and more.


Reproductive Care Center and 97.1 ZHT wanted to spread awareness about Infertility, and help provide options for those who need help. With Reproductive Care Centers vast treatment options and 97.1 ZHT’s reach across the state of Utah, it was a perfect collaboration to help not only one family in their journey of infertility but help countless families with support and treatment information.  

How will it be measured?

This campaign would be measured in effectiveness in two ways, the amount of submissions (those families who entered) and the number of people engaging (voting).

Building and expanding the awareness is crucial for IHM 97.1 ZHT as it not only demonstrates the station's influence within the community but also serves as a key metric for advertisers and sponsors who seek to reach a larger audience through their marketing efforts. By attracting more listeners and increasing user engagement, IHM 97.1 ZHT can enhance their reach, impact, and overall success in the competitive mainstream music radio landscape.


1. IHM 97.1 ZHT encouraged families around the state to submit personalized videos of why they should be the family to receive free treatments from Reproductive Care Center

2. They met with the Audience engagement to collaborate on the information they would need from a UGC participant in order to win: name, email address, phone number, and submission video. 

3. 97.1 team got together with Audience and brainstormed some super cool strategies to grab everyone's attention. They came up with this idea where people could submit videos, and then viewers could vote on them. The lucky winner could win a free IVF treatment from the Reproductive Care Center they will collaborate with! 

IHM 97.1 ZHT resulted in 117,221 votes.

Outcomes and Results

The IVF UGC and voting contest not only served as an insightful campaign but also as a transformative moment for an individual. IHM 97.1 ZHT and Reproductive Care Center experienced substantial awareness, exposure, and participation. This proved to be mutually beneficial, delivering positive outcomes for everyone involved.

  • Submissions: 171
  • Votes: 117,221

Groundbreaking Campaign Redefines Norms and Generates Massive Engagement

The groundbreaking campaign launched by IHM 97.1 ZHT proved to be a success, generating massive engagement and redefining the concept of success itself. The campaign's true success was witnessed in the overwhelming response it received from the audience. A staggering 117,221 votes, demonstrated the immense engagement and active involvement of the community and the impact of purpose driven marketing. The fact that such a significant number of people took the time to participate and vote speaks volumes about the campaign's impact and the emotional connection it established.

In the realm of marketing and growth, IHM 97.1 ZHT achieved remarkable results. The campaign served as a catalyst for expanding their reach, with an increase in listenership and user engagement. By attracting a wider audience, IHM 97.1 ZHT solidified its position as a key player in the mainstream music radio landscape. This success not only supports the station's credibility and influence but also opens up new opportunities for future business partnerships seeking to connect with a larger audience in impactful ways.


IHM 97.1 ZHT used Audience’s UGC and voting contest tool to accomplish their goals. Connect with us today to learn how Audience’s platform can help you grow, enrich, and activate your first-party data.

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December 8, 2023