5 Things To Do Now to Maximize Your BFCM Revenue 

December 8, 2023

Q4 is just around the corner, and the time to take massive action is now. It's the season where companies can shine brightest, achieve remarkable success and set new records. In 2020, holiday retail sales in the USA surged past a staggering $789 billion, underlining the immense potential this quarter holds for companies, especially those in the eCommerce sector. 

You’ve heard of Black Friday. It’s aptly named because, traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving represented a kick-start for most retailers where they switched from months-long losses to profitability for the year. For eCommerce brands and online retailers, however, Cyber Monday is the true rocketship. In recent years, it has become a bigger shopping day than Black Friday and eCommerce marketers are acting accordingly.” [2] 

To unlock unprecedented success this Q4, the crucial strategy is to grow your top of the funnel as vigorously as possible. The mantra is simple: get as many leads as you can right now and start building and warming these leads immediately. This early groundwork ensures that when Black Friday arrives, you'll have a doubled-up audience to target. It enables your company to harness the power of retargeting, re-engaging and captivating your audience, thus amplifying your reach and conversions.

Don't waste a moment—run a dynamic email address capture campaign immediately to gather a wave of new prospects. Challenge yourself and your team to put audience growth at the forefront during the entire month of October. This is the time to make bold strides, to set ambitious goals, and to drive relentless growth. Remember, November and December are the months to close the deals, to capitalize on your amplified audience, and to make this Q4 your most triumphant yet [3].

Let’s take a look at a few ways to strategically approach Q4.

1. Revamp your BCFM strategy

Run a re engagement campaign - I know you are used to hearing “clean up your list and get rid of anyone outside of your 90-day engagers” but BFCM is a different beast, and rather than slimming your list down, expand it to include engagers from a larger time period including last years BFCM purchasers with getting them to at least open or click your re-engagement email.

2. Attract New Subscribers with Irresistible Holiday Season Offers

Besides getting your current email list ready, consider attracting new subscribers with a tempting offer: "Sign up now and get an exclusive Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal." This approach can be showcased on your website or through targeted ads. These new subscribers sign up expecting something valuable from you, making them more likely to stay engaged. “You can't sell anything without customers. If you don't already have a rabid audience, it's not too late.” [3] Consider giving away something BIG! Something that will grab anyone's attention with the purpose of growing your email list, sms list, and general information.

3. Retain and Sustain: The Key to Long-Term Success

Staying connected with your audience is vital not just during Q4, but all year round. Even after the holidays, it's crucial to maintain this momentum. Make sure your audience keeps opening emails, clicking through, and making purchases in the months that follow. This ongoing engagement sets the stage for a strong and lasting customer relationship beyond the holiday rush.

Also consider collecting VIP subscribers - there are consumers who are just not into the rush and chaos of BFCM. Consider giving your VIP customers early access or your BFCM deals by signing up for your VIP  list.

4. Optimize Your Website for the Oncoming Deluge

If things go smoothly, your website traffic will surge in Q4, so it's crucial to have your store functioning flawlessly. Test various customer pathways, the shopping cart, and any other features your site offers to guarantee the best possible experience when visitors come to your online store. A seamless and efficient website is essential in ensuring that your marketing efforts translate into successful transactions during this high-traffic period.

5. Deliver an Impeccable Experience Across Every Touchpoint

Every interaction matters. Taking care of order fulfillment and providing top-notch customer support may not be considered direct marketing, but they play a massive role in shaping your brand image and retaining customers. That's why it's vital for everyone in your company to grasp the importance of Q4 and work together to guarantee every customer has a fantastic experience.

Mastering Q4: Strategies for Growth and Extraordinary Success

Q4, a season of immense potential and opportunity, is on the horizon, and the time for bold action is now. This is the moment for companies to shine brightest, achieving unprecedented success and setting new records. The holiday retail sales surge of over $789 billion in 2020 in the USA underlines the colossal potential that this quarter holds, particularly for businesses within the thriving eCommerce sector. While Black Friday was traditionally the crown jewel, today's digital landscape sees Cyber Monday taking the reins as the prime catalyst for sales. 

To unlock unparalleled success this Q4, a critical strategy is to vigorously grow your top of the funnel. The mantra is clear: seize as many leads as possible right now and embark on nurturing and engaging them immediately. This initial groundwork ensures that when Black Friday arrives, you'll have a doubled-up audience to target, enabling your company to harness the power of retargeting and captivate your audience, amplifying reach and conversions.

Don't hesitate—launch a dynamic email address capture campaign immediately to gather a wave of new prospects. Challenge yourself and your team to make audience growth a top priority throughout the entire month of October. This is the opportune moment to make audacious strides, set ambitious goals, and drive relentless growth. As a reminder, November and December are the pivotal months to close the deals, capitalize on your amplified audience, and make this Q4 your most triumphant yet. 


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December 8, 2023