Summer Cash 2025

Listen to win keywords will drive traffic in this weeklong $2K a day National Campaign!

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Who should participate/Sponsor Ideas:

National Campaigns are available for Audience clients, and we encourage widespread participation. Potential sponsors include Car Dealerships, Venues, Pet Stores, Travel Agencies, Restaurants, Entertainment establishments, and more.

What is the concept?

This is a keyword contest where participants collect keywords and enter them on your website. Each keyword entry counts as one chance to win. As the host, you have the flexibility to distribute keywords however and whenever you prefer. Examples include announcing keywords during broadcasts, posting them on social media, including them in your newsletter, or placing them at physical locations to boost foot traffic.

Where to host the campaign and promote:

Host this campaign on your website, in a pop-up, on a sponsors' page, and other relevant platforms. Promote the campaign extensively online, through social media, on-air promotions, and advertisements.

When does it happen:

7/14/25 - 7/18/25 -- Registration Deadline: 7/9/25 -- *One national winner chosen and notified once every weekday 7/15 through 7/21 - 5 total national winners

Why run this campaign:

This campaign generates recurring traffic to your website, encourages social media engagement, and enhances engagement with your broadcasts.

How does it work?

Audience will provide the graphics, rules, prize, and prize fulfillment. You can customize the graphics and entry form to align with your branding. Additionally, you can expand upon the rules and incorporate local prizes. Winners will be selected every weekday during the campaign. Audience will provide essential winner information to anyone hosting this campaign, enabling you to validate the giveaway for your local audience. If you include local prizes, you'll be responsible for selecting the winners and announcing them. *Each keyword expires 60 minutes after it goes live to create appointment-powered content.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Recurring Traffic throughout the campaign
  • Exposure (Logo placement, on-air mentions, social media posts, etc.)
  • Customized entry form to assist in achieving unique goals such as Social Growth, Email opt-ins, Leads, Web or Foot traffic.
  • Next Steps/Call to Action through thank you messages and confirmation emails.
  • Enhanced engagement: Participants will interact with the sponsor's brand through various channels, fostering brand awareness and engagement.

Audience provides:

  • Contest Execution
  • 1 daily national grand prize of $2000 for five days
  • Official Rules
  • All applicable winner paperwork and tax information
  • Generic images
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