Pro Football Challenge 2025

Entrants will be challenged to pick the winners of every 2025-26 regular season Pro Football Game for a chance to win $50,000!

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Who should participate/Sponsor Ideas:

National Promotions are available for audience clients, and we encourage everyone to participate. Suggested sponsors include Sporting Goods stores, Furniture/Electronics Stores, Car Dealerships, Restaurants, and more.

What is the concept?

This campaign spans 17-18 weeks! Participants will predict the winners of each game every week and earn points for each correct pick. The leaderboard will highlight the best-performing participants on a weekly and overall basis.

Where to host campaign and promote:

Host this campaign on your website, in a pop-up, on a sponsors' page, and other relevant platforms. Promote the campaign extensively online, through social media, on-air promotions, and advertisements.

When does it happen:

8/27/25 - 1/4/26 -- Registration Deadline: 8/20/25     *these dates are subject to change

Why run this campaign:

This campaign generates recurring traffic to your website, offers significant sponsorship opportunities, and attracts a new and diverse demographic.

How does it work?

Audience will provide the graphics, rules, prize, and prize fulfillment. You can customize the graphics and entry form to align with your branding. Additionally, you have the option to expand upon the rules and incorporate local prizes.

Approximately two weeks before the first regular season Pro Football game in 2025, entrants will be able to pre-register for the campaign and pick the winners of every regular season Pro Football game. Entrants can pick all of their projected winners all at once, or up to approximately 15 minutes before the kickoff of each game. After the final regular season Pro Football game, if a national entrant has correctly chosen the winning teams of every regular season Pro Football game, that entrant will win the national grand prize.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Recurring Traffic throughout the campaign
  • Exposure (Logo placement, on-air mentions, social media posts, etc.)
  • Customized entry form to assist in achieving unique goals such as Social Growth, Email opt-ins, Leads, Web or Foot traffic.
  • Next Steps/Call to Action through thank you messages and confirmation emails.

Audience provides:

  • Contest Execution
  • One national prize of $50,000 (*winner not guaranteed)
  • Official Rules
  • All applicable winner paperwork and tax information
  • Generic images
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