Big Game Score Contest 2024

Huddle up for the big game and give your audience a chance to win $50,000!

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Registration deadline: 1/24/24

Run Dates: 01/29/24-02/11/24

Entrants will try to guess the exact score of The Big Game for a chance to win $50,000!

Here's how The Big Game Score contest works: Entrants will register and enter their guesses for the final scores of the two teams playing in the Big Game. On the Monday following the Big Game, Audience will choose one national entrant at random. If that entrant correctly chose the exact final scores of both teams that played in the Big Game, that entrant wins the grand prize.

Audience provides:

  • Contest Execution
  • $50,000 Prize
  • Rules
  • All applicable winner paperwork and tax information
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