Brand Collaboration Giveaway

Create a fair share of brand collaboration content with this template. Including branding sections for each brand and a simplified process of selecting a winner by allowing you to collect a pool of entries.

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Campaign Highlights

  • Product Education - The main objective of this campaign is to create brand loyalty through educating potential customers on the products and brand. The use of rich content like video and graphics are used to make this campaign engaging and education.
  • Grow Reach and Build Audiences - With the use of a giveaway, you can incentivize your customers to opt-in to your email list and follow you on your social channels.
  • Gain Customer Insights - Curious how customers are using your products? Or what their interests are? Gain these insights and more through a series of survey questions.
  • Brand Collaborations - This campaigns makes co-branded giveaways seamless and easy. All brands get equal exposure and access to information collected.
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Product Education
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